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Join Allen Hulsey on his journey to combine instruments and styles he mastered during his travels around the globe.


Performing everywhere from Antarctica to inside the Great Pyramid, Allen impacts fans worldwide with his mixture of live instruments and electronic music.


His voice and songwriting bring depth and sincerity to asonic journey that will move your heart and feet.

Allen Hulsey backstage in Mexico City

Performances ft:
Kanun (78 string Turkish Zither)
Baglama (Turkish 7 string Saz)
Bowed, Slide & Fretless Guitar
Ableton LIVE

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Born in New York, Allen was a world traveler from a young age and spent extensive time in Turkey, Germany, Mexico, and Bali. Based out of Istanbul for the past decade, Allen also sings in Turkish and infuses his sets with diverse global sounds and instruments. Notably, Allen plays the Kanun, an instrument with a visceral feeling that speaks directly to the heart. The Kanun is an ancient instrument he learned in Konya, Turkey, the final resting place of Sufi mystic poet Rumi. From abstract/ambient acoustic to driving edgy dance, Allen is a genre-defying artist who combines sounds that bring a unique intensity unlike anything you have seen before. 

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